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the nQuirer

"When reality TV is just not enough"

the nQuirer

"When reality TV is just not enough"

the nQuirer

"When reality TV is just not enough"

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'It's Just A Butt'   June 14, 2023

A treadmill mishap caught on video

Insurers Are Fighting To Protect Their Medicare Fraud   Jan 13, 2023

Health insurers are ready to sue the government if Biden officials donít let them keep years of overpayments from Medicare.

How Wall Street Is Taking Over Medicare   May 11, 2022

Bidenís expansion of a new, insidious form of for-profit Medicare is benefitting private equity firms and well-connected health care giants.

Downpour   Dec 3, 2021

Extreme rainfall is wreaking havoc and growing worse with climate change

Lethal Heat Hits the Planet   Jun 23, 2021

The news does not get much worse than this

Dated 1920, a postcard finally gets delivered   Mar 28, 2021

As Poland's Church embraces politics, Catholics depart   Feb 3, 2021

Kitten born with two faces   May 24, 2020

Remembering Bisquits and Gravy

Fire destroys Willowbrook Ballroom   October 28, 2016

A 90 year old landmark disappears

Doppelgangers Take DNA Test to Find Out If They're Related, 'Surprised' by Results   Jan 22, 2016

Palin Family Brawl Detailed in Police Reports   Thu Oct 10, 2014

They could have been our First "Trailer Trash" Family

Bolingbrook Man Arrested For Child Porn   Oct 5, 2010

Wow! I know this guy!

Few remain as 1962 Pennsylvania coal town fire still burns   Feb 5, 2010


Double Atomic Bomb Survivor Dies in Japan   Jan 6, 2010

And you think you've had bad luck

Japan's Killer Work Ethic   Sun July 13, 2008

Death from too much work is so commonplace in Japan that there is a word for it -- karoshi.

90 Jahre alte Senftenberger Kastanien werden gefällt  

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